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Why colours of passports are different? What does the colour of a passport mean?

Although many people know about the passport, let me tell you that it is a document issued by the government of any country that certifies the identity and nationality of any person for international travel. Without it, no one can move to another country. Doing so is illegal and can lead to severe punishment. Although each country has its own passport, did you know that there are only four colour passports in the world that are used. These colours are red, green, blue and black and the most important thing is that each colour of passport means something special and different.

Red colour passport

Most European countries use red passports. These include countries such as Russia, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Romania and Germany. Apart from this, only red passports are issued in China. In fact, it is believed that only red passports are used in most countries where there is a communist history or where there is still a communist system.

Green colour passport

Green passports are used only in Islamic countries. These include countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Morocco. Indeed, the colour green is considered sacred in Islam. That is why passports of this colour are issued in these countries. Apart from that, some African countries are also issuing green passports. These include Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Niger and Ivory Coast. Indeed in this country green is considered a symbol of nature and life.

Blue colour passportThe colour blue is considered a symbol of peace. Apart from this, it is also considered a symbol of the ‘new world’. This is why blue passports are used in countries like North America, South America and Australia, including India. Apart from this, the passports of countries like Afghanistan and Fiji are also light blue. You may not know, but in India the colour of the passport of a citizen is blue while the colour of the passport of an ambassador is red and the colour of the passport of some government representatives is white.

Black colour passport

Black passports are especially black in African countries like Zambia, Botswana, Burundi, Angola, Gabon, Congo, Malawi. Apart from that, New Zealand citizens also have a black passport. Because the national colour here is black.



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