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Top 10 Facts about Pakistan.


Here are some interesting facts about Pakistan.

1.  Urdu and English are the languages of the country.

2.  One in three Pakistanis live below the federal poverty line.

3 .  However, Punjabi is the most commonly spoken and is spoken by approximately 48% of residents. Other languages are also spoken throughout the country.

4 .  Pakistan’s Khewra Salt Mine is one of the oldest in the world.It is also the second largest.

5 .  The highest railway station of Asia is in Pakistan.

6 .  First PC virus was created by two Pakistani brothers. (Maybe not something to be very proud of, but it still might have required an impressive level of intellect to do so).

7 .  The country has one of the largest ambulance systems in the world. The non-profit organization has over 300 centers around Pakistan and offers medical and healthcare services and even provides shelter for orphans.

8 .  Pakistan has over 150 airports.

9 .  Sugarcane juice, known as “roh” to locals, is the country’s national drink.

10 .  Pakistan is the first Islamic country to attain nuclear power.


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