Remove china apps apk download, how to find Chinese apps my phone?


One such app has been in the limelight in India recently, which is helping users to uninstall Chinese apps from Android smartphones. The name of this app is REMOVE CHINA APPS. At present, this app has been removed from Google Play Store. REMOVE CHINA APPS is designed to uninstall Chinese apps from Android smartphones.

Google Play Store removes REMOVE CHINA APPS

This app became so popular as soon as it was published. More than 50 lakh users had downloaded it within a week. The popularity of Remove China Apps on Google Play Store can be gauged from the fact that this app has been rated 4.9 by users.

How to download remove china apps

You can still download remove china apps from link given below

Name of Application Remove China Apps
Owner Name OneTouch AppLabs
Category of App Boycott Chinese Products India
Platform Android & iOS


Why play store remove this app?

This app came to the top trending list of the Google Play store. The Remove China app was developed by OneTouchAppLabs, a Jaipur company. The company has confirmed the app’s removal from the Play store through a tweet. However, the tweet did not say what is the reason for the app being removed.

But according to techCrunch’s report, the app has violated the Google Play Store’s Deceptive Policy. Under this policy, no app can make any changes to the user’s device settings or the feature outside the app, as well as stimulate to remove any other third party app.

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How Remove China Apps work?

Remove China Apps interface is quite simple.
  • Tapping on ‘Scan Now’ shows chinese apps in the phone.
  • It prepares a list of all Chinese apps.
  • Tap the Delete icon if you want to remove an app from listed apps.
  • Remove China Apps will then delete that app from your phone.


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