know your friend and enemy – Motivational Story


Friends, every person who says bad to you is not your enemy. At the same time every person who does something good for you is not your friend. To explain this very good way, I will give you a motivational story.

once upon a time. In winter, one of the birds was flying around looking for food. Due to the high temperatures, the blood of those birds got frozen and it fell on the ground.

A cow came and made hot dung over it. With that hot dung, the birds started getting hot. The birds breathed in relief. She happily started singing songs.

A cat passing through there heard the sound of her song. The cat started searching for him after hearing the voice. When he came to know that this sound is coming from dung. Then he removed the dung.

He pulled that bird out of the dung and cleaned it. He cleaned that bird and ate it.

Friends, from this motivational story, I want to tell you that every person who is throwing dirt on you is not your enemy and every person you take out of that mess is not your friend. So keep your thoughts in this journey of life well thought out. Motivation Story – Who is careful, who is the enemy

share this story know with your friends and family and motivate them.


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