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4 friends created khatabook app ; now included in the top ten app of the country

khatabook Team

The khatabook app is available in 11 languages, through which small traders can keep track of daily

A young man of Hanumangarh junction, who has a sense of separation, has teamed up with his three companions to create an ‘khata Book’ app. In just eight months, this app has been included in the Top TenApe of the Business category. So far this app has been downloaded by seven and a half million people.

Among these four youngsters, Jaideep Pooni of Rajasthan’s Kahanumangarh, Dhanes Kumar of Bihar, Raviish Naresh of Ashish and Meerth of Chhattisgarh has been a student of IIT. Out of this, Jaideep of Hanumangarh has already studied at NPS School of Pooni junction. Smaller merchants are now using this app to calculate your business.

Through this app you can keep track of daily:

  • Actually, the khatabook app is a business category. Any merchant can easily download it from his mobile.
  • It has been built in 11 languages so that anyone can use it. It can be used for shopkeepers to maintain account of their “credit-deposit” transactions.
  • According to the information, the khatabook app is run under the name of “Kyte Inc” under the registered company in Delaware, USA.At the same time, the name of the Indian subsidiary is “ADJ Utility Apps Private Limited”.
  • It can be easily accounted for by the use of the shop. Even after lending, it is usually kept in writing in many places. The most important thing is that the person who lends to the lender related to it receives information from the SMS and maintains transparency.

Jaideep says- Failure teaches you:Jaideep explains that like life, startup is also not easy to understand. There is a lot of struggle before reaching a good success. I also failed initially in 2-3 efforts. This taught me and got success after hard work.


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