Jack ma success story, Founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group.

Jack ma
Jack ma

We all know that success – failure is a part of our life, it depends on us that we are frustrated with those failures or moving forward with learning from them. But can you believe that the person who has rejicted almost a few times to get a simple job can become the richest person in his country today, yes, friends, this is absolutely true, with all the hard work and passion can be done.

These have been shown by Jack Ma. This is Jack Ma, who has created the biggest e-commerce site “Alibaba” in China. Jack is the founder of Alibaba Group, let’s know the story of Jack closely …

Jack was born on 10 September 1964 in Hanzhu, a very small village in Jiangxi province of China. The financial condition of Jack’s family was very bad. Jack was from a very ordinary family. His parents used to teach traditional plays and famous stories; this was the only means of their family’s livelihood.

Jack married a girl named Cathy Zhang. Jack and his wife studied in the same university. He got a bachelor’s education together, after which he married in 1980.They have a son and a daughter.

Jake was very fond of speaking and learning English since childhood. In the 60s, English language was not so popular in China. But anyhow Jack want to speak and learn English, so at the age of 13 he started taking help from foreign tourists in China, trying to talk to tourists in his broken English They give them information about China’s tourist spots. He did this work for 9 years. Thus Jack became a tourist guide. Gradually, his English began to improve.

Jack Ma’s Career – Jack Ma Career

Jack ma
Jack ma

Jack’s career debut was quite challenging, Jack applied for police job at the beginning of his career. But he was rejected from there. and jack ma was rejected more then 30 time from job.

jack ma saw the Internet first time

At the beginning of 1995, he went to America with the help of his friends. where he first saw the Internet. Jack Ma had never run the Internet before, when he first on the Internet, he searched the word “Beer”. He received many information related to Beer from different countries, but he was surprised because name of China was not there in that search. The next time they tried to find general information about China, but again he was surprised no information was available to the Internet.

Jack was very unhappy with his country’s lack of information on the Internet because it felt that China is far behind other countries in the technical field and he does not want to move forward. For this reason, he along with his friend made “ugly” the first website to provide information about China.

Jack Ma started China Yellow Pages

Then Jack Ma realized that a lot could be done from the Internet. In 1995, Jack, and friends gathered together to collect $ 20,000 and started a company. The main work of this company was to create a website for other companies. He named his company “China Yellow Pages”.

Within three years his company earned $ 8 million. Now, with the help of a US friend, Jack has started making websites for Chinese companies. Jack first bought his first computer at the age of 33.

Jack Ma formed Alibaba.

From 1998 to 1999 Jack Ma worked as chairman of an IT company founded by China International Electronic Commerce Center. In 1999, he left the job and returned Hanjau with his team, where along with his 17 friends he formed one of China’s first B2B website Alibaba.

He created a history by Alibaba. Alibaba had started with 5 lakh youth, and 79 million members spread over 240 countries. In October 1999 and January 2000 Alibaba won the $ 25 million international venture capital investment twice. With this program, he wanted to improve the country’s e-commerce market, which would take small and middle-class businesses globally.

founded the Taobao Marketplace

To reform the global e-commerce system, Jack Ma founded the Taobao Marketplace in 2003. Ebay offered to buy it after seeing the rising effect. Jack Ma turned down eBay’s offer. Instead, he took help $ 1 billion from John Co-founder Jerry

According to the September 2014 data, Alibaba set a $ 25 billion company in New York Stock Exchange. with this amount Alibaba was become among the world’s most prominent tech companies. Jack Ma is currently the executive chairman of Alibaba Group. And his ten successful companies are Alibaba.com, Taobao Marketplace, Tmall, eTao, Alibaba Cloud Computing, Juhuasuan, 1688.com, AliExpress.com and Alipay. In November 2012, Alibaba’s online transaction went beyond 1 trillion yuan.

Awards and honors to Jack – Jack Ma Awards

2004 – Top 10 Business Leaders of the Year was selected by China Central Television .

2005 – Young Global Leader was selected by the World Economic Forum and Fortune Magazine ranked Jack among 25 Most Powerful Business People in Asia

2007 – Business Week of the Year award was given in Business Week.

2008 – 30 was included in the list of World’s Best CEOs.

2010 – One of the Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy for works such as Disaster Management and Poverty Alleviation by Forbes Asia Chosen.

2013 – Honorary doctorate was given by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology .

2015 – Awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in The Asian Awards.

Some Interesting Facts about Jack Ma – Interesting Facts about Jack Ma

  • According to a report, Jack’s assets were valued at around US $ 36.4 billion in August 2017,
  • Jack was ranked 30th in Forbes list of the World’s Most Powerful People by 2014.
  • according to a report by the world famous Magazine “Fortune”, which has given Jack the status of the world’s 50 Great Leaders
  • Jack Mae is at the top of the list of rich people in China, i.e. at first place, and at number 18 in the list of world’s wealthy persons.
  • During the school, Jack was elected as the Chief of the Student Council.
  • Jack was given his name by one of his foreign tourists friend.
  • he was also chosen by Forbes China, Top 10 Most Respected Entrepreneurs in China.
  • Jack was included in the 2009 list of “100 Most Influential Persons” by Time Magazine.

The people who want to do something on their own in the world will surely inspire this story. Jack is a very influential person for industrialists and businessmen around the world, and Jack’s story is also an inspiration for all of us.

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