Interesting Facts And Amazing Information About Uganda Country


1. There is a rule in Uganda regarding cutting of trees. The rule is, if you cut one tree, then you will need to plant three trees. Well, you may find this rule quite weird but this rule is really present in Uganda.


2. There is no national flower in Uganda.


3. The Endangered Mountain Gorilla lives in Uganda’s Ravensori mountain.

4. If children have lost one or both parents in Uganda, then the children are considered orphans.


5. The country shares its boundaries with five other countries: Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo.


6. The Ugandan Kingdom was the most famous in Uganda today, it is the largest of the traditional empires in the country and Lake Victoria is in the south. The name Uganda also comes from the name of this state.


7. Football is the national game of Uganda.


8. Nearly one fourth of the surface of Uganda is made up of lakes and rivers.


9. Uganda’s total land area is 93,104 square miles (241,139 square kilometers), it is of the same size as Britain.


10. In the year 1962, King Edward Motes of Bagdada (Motesa II) was elected the first President and Milton Obote was the first Prime Minister of the country.


11. Ugandan women traditionally build homes, they are responsible for the construction of walls of mud houses, while men make roofs of these houses.


12. The residents here are known as Ugandans.


13. Nearly half the population of the country is less than 14 years, which makes it one of the youngest countries in the world.


14. English and Swahili are the official languages ​​of the country. Other languages ​​and dialects are spoken throughout Uganda.


15. The capital of Uganda is Kampala; It covers an area of ​​73 square miles (189 square kilometers) and its 2015 population was 1,936,000.


16. In Uganda, motorcycles are used as taxis to carry people from one place to another, although these taxis are not recommended for tourists because they can be dangerous. It is locally known as “Boda-Boda”.


17. Maleria repellent Mosquitoes can be found in Uganda, they are usually active from midnight to 5 o’clock.

18. Ugandan Shilling – Uganda’s official currency.


19. Uganda is one of the world’s poorest and least developed countries.


20. Ugandan has lost many of its forests due to the growing demand for timber coal and tide to maintain life.


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