Google can track your location even when you remove phone’s battery


Did you know google can track your location all time even if you have not place battery inside the phone?

Mostly people think that if we remove the phone’s battery it is become safe and no one can track phone’s location.

How google can track your location?

But Google can trace your location even when you have remove phone’s battery from mobile phone . On the top of your phone’s motherboard there is a mini IRC battery. which always keep switch on. This battery keeps a track of phone’s location. When you connect back to your internet this battery can give phone’s entire day’s track to Google.

A report was shared by Quartzfew months ago, which claimed that Google is collecting location information from Android smartphones even when location services are actively switched off. The all location information is collected even if the user have actively turns off location services,has not even inserted a SIM card And has not used any apps,But due to lack of Connectivity, the data is not transferred until you connect back to internet, your entire day’s track is sent to Google. So basically your information keeps getting stacked and stored in it.

Even as the widening debate on encryption and fundamental right to privacy continues to die down, the latest report on Google’s location data collection came as a shocker for many.

An investigative report by Quartz had revealed that phones running Android software gather data about the user’s location and sends it “back to Google when they’re connected to the internet”.

Track your location

How is this useful when the phone is stolen?

The main question come in mind that how is it become usefull for us? For that if our phone is stolen. and phone’s internet is on. than it is become easy to track. that from with which path stealer goes.


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