ICICI Bank MD Mrs. Chanda Kochhar Success Story


Mrs. Chanda Kochhar

Mrs. Chanda Kochhar
Mrs. Chanda Kochhar

Mrs.Chanda Kochhar started Her career on the outskirts of management atrainee in ICICI Bank. After that, in 25 years of career, She had to face many challenges for Her career.
Regarding Her long journey with the ICICI Bank, She said, “I got an opportunity to make new plans and to run it. In this I got an experience to learn new things. I got to learn different things and because of this I never felt boring towards my work.

She always gave the most important new work to do. She says, “When I could understand the depth of business then accepting new jobs in the business would have become a chance for me. Adaptation to the system and the situation proves to be a superior weapon in any war. Whether it is in a personal life or in business.

She lost her dad at the only age of 13. Her father was principal in Jaipur’s engineering college. From his famine death, the family had a cloud of trouble. But despite many problems, Her mother courageously and firmly took responsibility for the whole family and raised Her children.

Her family came to Bombay from Bombay. Mother done her children’s education by doing work. More time passed by getting married and getting rid of Her responsibilities. She was buried under the burden of responsibilities alone for how many years. But never let this happen to their children.
In the adverse circumstances, She was able to survive the entire tention alone. Mother never gave up this concern to the children. That’s why Mrs .Chanda Kochhar considers her mother to be her role model. She taught us that “how does a leader take all the burdens of trouble on his/her shoulders?” And never give up the strength of your team. By doing so, She releases tension to members of Her team. By which every member of the team works effectively and performs many times better than their qualifications “.

During the journey to reach top position in ICICI Bank, there were so many occasions on their way. when the troublemaker sat in front of her, but She quickly went ahead with every trouble.

She says that there was a group of women in the ICICI Bank, who competed with a group of men on an equal footing. They were not given any special rights and nothing was said even about giving them, but the game continued for a long time. The name of this game was ‘MerryFashion’, which meant that more hours of work.

Losing the long journey and the important moment of the family, She could not appear at the moment of Her children, and because of this, She would have felt that despite being a mother, She could not fulfill this relation properly. But they also believe that their absence made their children so much responsible that they could run their own lives without supporting anyone. That’s the same theory in Her business area too. They believe that this talent also comes out in the business field. She says, “We can make our colleagues strong by giving them responsibility as soon as we can”.

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